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Extreme Custom Style 650.00 USD
Our extreme custom style.

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  • Includes:
  • - Matching colors throughout the CMS, Forums, and Blogs (depending on vBulletin version). *With our extreme custom style service you we perform an very in-depth customization including CK Editor areas and more!
  • - Custom CSS included in additional.css.
  • - Custom style plugin for improved customization throughout.
  • - Custom Logo.
  • - New Forum Icons.
  • - Custom Images including statusicons, color overlayed buttons, icons, and all images matching theme.

  • *Please note: Some "Extreme" custom styles can range above the $650 price point, Please contact us via email or phone 1(336)991-6058 and submit your "wish list" per say to determine if your style will be within the allotted budget of $650 or higher BEFORE purchasing.

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*Circa 2011 style is similar to original as of 2013

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