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Innovative Custom Session Timeout 299.99 USD
Increase activity and participation! Specify your own custom session timeout w/o issues occurring!

If you run a custom site with contributors and more, you may wish to allow them an increased presence on your site. The normal session timeout for vBulletin is 900 seconds which equates to 15 minutes of logged-in activity. Normally you can set this upwards of 30-45 minutes before issues occur, then your session table will fill up and cause issues accessing the site - To bypass this issue a custom modification is required.

With this modification, forum owners can set a *604,800 second or more session timeout, that's 7 days of continuous logged-in activity!

*604,800 seconds is the max value currently used by customers, a higher value can be set for an even greater session timeout! *vBulletin 4 Only. Not compatible with vBulletin 5.

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